Personal Projects

Sticky Ducky

A browser extension that hides sticky elements from the page. In case you are curious about the name, I was looking for a mascot associated with cleanliness. This rubber ducky makes the page clean from headers, footers and other mess.


Object relational mapping library for Haskell. It is used in production by several companies and was mentioned in the first edition of O’Reilly book Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod.

This was a part of my Master’s thesis on modelling algebraic data types in a relational database. Both for the name and certain architectural decisions were inspired by the Java framework Hibernate.


Command-line utility for AlphaSmart NEO. This is a retro device which looks like a keyboard with a screen that displays several lines of text. Many consider it one of the best tools for distraction-free writing. Neotools can manage files, install applets, and tweak applet settings. Neotools is written with Python and uses raw USB protocol for communication. It aims to be a simple, low-level and portable tool, which complements the platform-dependent desktop tools NEO Manager and AlphaSync.

Nonius Clock

A whimsical clock face that uses a rotating ring with a vernier scale, aka nonius, to tell time.